Ice Cream Man and the Jelly Incident

Fun with food for kids

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This article is from 2009.

Ice Cream Man and the Jelly Incident

Writer Jonny Berliner certainly knows how to create an attention-grabbing show title. After the huge success of Dude! Where’s my Teddy Bear? – which went from Edinburgh sell-out in 2003/4 to runs at festivals nationwide, including Glastonbury – Ice-Cream Man and the Jelly Incident by Berliner and Dave Labi will receive its world premiere on the Fringe.

‘What I love about writing for kids,’ says Berliner, ‘is they are a far more discerning audience than people give them credit for. They know what they like and you have the freedom to be quite silly with it.’

Ice-Cream Man certainly adheres to this ethos. As well as a moral message about healthy eating, the show – which is set in ‘the Foodiverse’ – includes a send-up of Jamie Oliver. Berliner’s songs feature heavily as he gets the audience involved in the storytelling process, making him confident that this show will be as much of a triumph as its predecessor. ‘Dude always had as much of an adult following as it did kids,’ he says. ‘I’m hoping Ice-Cream Man will enjoy the same thing.’

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, 8-31 Aug (not 17), 11.45am, £7.50–£8 (£5.50–£6). Previews 5–7 Aug, £5.

Ice Cream Man and the Jelly Incident

  • 3 stars

War in the Foodiverse: can Ice Cream Man bring peas? Smash-hit 'Dude! Where's My Teddy Bear' creators serve up lashings of musical hilarity in this delicious tale of dietary balance, for ages 4-400.


1. Funkylittledude31 Jul 2009, 2:28pm Report

Sounds cool, Jonny Berliner is a great songwriter, will definitely take the kids along to this one!!!

2. Mr Y31 Jul 2009, 5:48pm5 stars Ice Cream Man and the Jelly Incident Report

I saw "Ice Cream Man" at the Tricycle in London. It's a brilliant show for kids. Couldn't advice it more.

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