5 Questions: Doc Austin

This article is from 2009.

5 Questions: Doc Austin

Charged with making science funny, Doc Austin tells us why we should check out his Fringe show, Doctor Austin & Doug Safety’s Time-Tastical Time Tale

5 reasons people should see your show: We’re the only show in town that offers the potential to travel in time; we create indoor lightning; we’re performing the first public demonstration of diamond being burned; my co-star Professor Sparks the All-Knowing Dog cries for hours if we don’t sell every ticket; it costs performers anywhere between £4,000 and £22,000 to take part in the Fringe – that’s why we’re so desperate to give you a flyer.

4 best things about performing at the Fringe:
Eating at Mosque kitchen – that place rocks; it gives me a chance to get away from the science lab; flyering is a good excuse to chat up pretty girls; we get to share the awesome-ness of science with the public and learn things we didn’t know about it from them.

3 coolest things about science:
Liquid nitrogen is pretty cool – at around -200°C it’ll freeze your hand off!; Not many people know that Nikola Tesla was the first inventor to successfully use remote control technology, he’s the great grandfather of Nintendo Wii; if any little dude or dudette out there got into science now, when they grow up they could build any invention they could imagine

2 favourite Dr Whos:
Ah-ha that’s a trick question; Doctor Who is one person who changes his appearance every so often . . apart from at the end of the last series when there were two.

1 word to sum up your show:

Underbelly’s Hullabaloo, 08445 458 252, 8–31 Aug, 2.50pm, £8–£9 (£6–£7). Preview 7 Aug, £5.

Doctor Austin & Doug Safety's Time-Tastical Time Tale

  • 2 stars

A must-see for 'Doctor Who' fans, this side-splitting science show explodes time and time travel. Can they send the audience back in time? Have they already? Show made possible with a grant from the Scottish Government.

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