Mini Profile: Simon Munnery

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  • 29 July 2009

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Mini Profile: Simon Munnery

A Fringe regular for 15 years, but yet to break into the mainstream. Just who is this hidden talent?

Who is he then?
Simon Munnery is arguably one of the Fringe’s most mercurial regular talents, having performed without a gap year since his 1994 show Cluub Zarathustra, dubbed quite correctly as a ‘confrontational futurist komedy kabaret.’ He’s still known to many as the highly irritating Alan Parker: Urban Warrior, but others fondly remember his incarnation as the League Against Tedium whose Fringe antics included making the audience wear dunces caps and driving a tank around a massive tent on the Meadows.

Not one for making it on telly with all this stuff, then?
You’d have thought not, yet those mad beaks at the BBC gave him a series in 2001 entitled Attention Scum, a Dadaist affair (with Johnny Vegas) which tested the patience of saints. He more recently popped up on long-term collaborator’s Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle as a poncy Radio 4 comedy writer.

What’s his show called this year?
Having tested some people’s waters previously with show titles such as Buckethead and Noble Thoughts of a Noble Mind, he’s now settled into his AGM theme and this August, it’s time for the AGM09. As well as being on the Fringe for years, his publicity shot has altered not one jot for half a decade at least. They’ve tarted it up slightly with some pseudo-psychedelic effect going on but it’s essentially just the same old shot.

The Stand, 558 7272, 7–31 Aug (not 17), 4.05pm, £8 (£7). Previews 5 Aug, 5.55pm, 6 Aug, 5.45pm, £7 (£6).

Simon Munnery's AGM09

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Munnery returns to The Stand for the eighth year of his sentence, hoping for time off from good behaviour. I've become overly worried about the state of my outhouse: I've got a messy annexe complex. Mac drums.