Barbara Morrison

This article is from 2009

Barbara Morrison

Los Angeles-based singer Barbara Morrison has been a popular visitor to Scotland in recent years, and settles in to a Fringe residency via a couple of outings within the Jazz Festival programme.

Raised in Michigan, she has an ebullient, wise-cracking stage presence and expressive, swinging take on jazz singing that is backed up by a real feel for more down-home blues and gospel material, a product of both her early roots in the church and rhythm and blues – including a stint with Ray Charles.

Her early professional work fell into the latter category, but joining the Johnny Otis Band allowed her to dip her toe into jazz.

‘That would’ve been about 1977, I guess, when I recorded a jazz album with Johnny,’ she says. ‘I recorded with some great jazz artists – I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I did it anyway. I still like to mix it up in my show, with some jazz and some blues and some rhythm and blues all in there.’

The Outhouse, 557 6668, 8–9, 14–15, 21–22 Aug, 7.30pm & 10.15pm; 10–13, 17–20, 24–29 Aug, 8pm, £15.

Barbara Morrison - Up Close and Personal

Barbara (seven years Ray Charles) sings her bluesy take on the Great American Songbook. 52nd Street's spirit energises this intimate jazz room. Harper, Finlay, Ed Metz (Basie, Herman - until 22nd) provide the pulse.

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