Top five free Fringe shows

This article is from 2009

Top five free Fringe shows

Brian Donaldson helps you conquer the global financial meltdown by picking out some funny shows for nowt pounds

Jessica Delfino: I Wanna Be Famous

She may seek fame but not if the Catholic League have their way. Boy, they’re not keen on some of her naughtier comedy tunes which she once took on her Merry Shitmas Tour.
Jekyll & Hyde, 225 2022, 6–25 Aug, 9.55pm.

Bitch Got Owned!

Sajeela Kershi was the ‘outraged woman’ in Brendon Burns’ if.comedy winning show from 2007 but now she’s stepping out of the shadows for her debut solo show. Time to hear from the real woman behind the furore.
Espionage, 477 7007, 6–31 Aug (not 12, 19, 26), 5.10pm.

David, Mark and Teddy: How to Fake Basic Human Emotions

Three of this proud nation’s finest upcoming talents merge to tell some gags with messrs Heffron, Nelson and, um, Teddy offloading the odd bit of wonderfully offensive material.
The Hive, 556 0444, 6–30 Aug, 7pm.

Hatty and Tony Rub It Better

She was part of a dance troupe called the Actionettes. He appeared in The Office and has written for Al Murray. Together they’re doing stand-up and sketches for your guilty pleasure.
Meadow Bar, 667 6907, 6–30 Aug (not 10, 24), 1pm.

Yianni Agisilaou’s Free Stand-Up Spectacular

The very blued-eyed Aussie comic now firmly ensconced in the UK presents an hour of stand-up with special guests and ‘fun’.
The Rowan Caves, 226 0000, 8–29 Aug (not 10, 17, 24), 6pm.

Bitch Got Owned! - Free

Sajeela Kershi infamously appeared in 2007's most talked-about, if.comedy-winning show. Verbally abused, vilified on YouTube - this wasn't the first time her world had turned upside down. Here's the real woman behind the controversy!

Yianni Agisilaou's Free Stand-Up Spectacular

Award-winning comedian Yianni Agisilaou - **** (Time Out),**** (,**** (ThreeWeeks) - hosts a recession-busting free daily hour of stand-up, special guests and fun. Check for daily lineups.

Hatty and Tony Rub It Better (For Free!)

Hatty and Tony Rub it Better is a fun lunchtime show featuring delightfully-observed characters, great sketches and charming stand-up. Guaranteed to send you into the Fringe with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. 'I love Hatty Ashdown, she's quirky, infectiously funny and brilliant' - Josie Long (Skins…

David, Mark and Teddy - How to Fake Basic Human Emotions - Free

David Heffron (***** [ThreeWeeks]), Mark Nelson (Scottish Comedian of the Year) and Teddy ('a class act' []) finally team up to tell jokes.

Jessica Delfino - I Wanna Be Famous

Ribald jokes, songs, flying v ukulele, rape whistle. Denounced by US Catholic League. 'There's more to this seriously talented comic songwriter than filthy jokes' Metro, London 'Critics' Choice...Supremely and edgy...we've been playing this quirky New York songsters album 'I Wanna Be Famous' all week and…

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