Ava Vidal

This article is from 2009.

Ava Vidal

The day Barack Obama won the election was a big day for London comedian Ava Vidal. She started it facing charges in the dock and ended it appearing on ITN, giving her opinion on the new US president. ‘That was a very stressful day for me,’ she exhales. ‘The atmosphere at night was so charged, so full of hope, it got me thinking whether I could apply the same principles to my personal life.’

After reading Obama’s autobiography, Vidal wondered whether the example of what she describes as ‘a very hard-working, upfront and inspiring former coke and spliffhead’ could spark changes for the better in her too.

The 6ft-tall comic likes to blend personal anecdotes – about the racist hate mail she receives, stupid things her kids say and the golliwog doll she bought last time she visited Edinburgh – with some chewed-over musings on contemporary politics. Returning for her third Fringe run for a solo show (Remember, Remember the 4th of November) and as the host of Minority Report, she hopes to have grown as a performer and human being. ‘I always like it when a comic comes off stage and you’ve learned something about them.

So this show is inspired by Obama, but really it’s about making changes, and me cleaning up my act.’

Ava Vidal, The Stand III & IV, 558 7272, 7–30 Aug (not 17), 3.45pm, £7 (£6). Preview 6 Aug, 1.40pm, £6 (£5); Minority Report, The Stand, 7–31 Aug (not 17), 2.30pm, £8 (£7). Previews 5 Aug, 4.15pm, 6 Aug, 4.05pm, £7 (£6).

Ava Vidal: Remember, Remember the 4th of November

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The day America elected its first black president. Barak Obama promised change for Americans - and the world. Can we apply his political principles to everyday life? Yes we can! Or maybe not...

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