Marcel Lucont

This article is from 2009

Marcel Lucont

Gallic arrogance with a passion for the female

‘I am France’s premiere misanthropist and lover,’ persuades Marcel Lucont. ‘You can expect everything that’s important to be covered in my show. Life, love, sex, death, cheese, wine. My talents have spread to first England and now Scotland, and it’s an honour for you to have me.’

Ah, the famous Gainsbourgian Gallic arrogance. Always a winner if you happen to be a London-based comedian named Alexis Dubus, pretending to be a stuck-up lothario for the purposes of some cross-Channel amusement. Except Marcel Lucont is more nouvelle vague than ‘Allo ‘Allo.

‘Why do I perform?’ he ponders when I ask about his Sexual Metro set. ‘Oh, the money and the women. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk at the women for one whole hour. There’s usually a queue at the end. What do I think of the Scottish women? Wild. A little bit scary, but I like a challenge.

'This is my first full show at the Fringe, but I did Spank! at the Underbelly and was hosting some shows last year. The weather was shit, the food left quite a lot to be desired, but it was worth it for the female drama students.’

Merci for that.

Underbelly, 08445 458 252, 8–30 Aug (not 19), 10.20pm, £6.50–£10.50 (£8–£9.50). Previews 6&7 Aug, £6

Marcel Lucont: Sexual Metro

  • 4 stars

France’s premier misanthropist and lover, Marcel Lucont presents an hour of suave Gallic insight and attitude in his debut solo show at Edinburgh, fresh from his outstanding success at the Adelaide Fringe. Laid back, brooding and oozing with casual arrogance, he shares his view of British culture and his nihilisitic…

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