Edward Aczel

This article is from 2009

Edward Aczel

Solving the world’s woes in a pleasingly shambolic way

Having performed essentially the same critically-acclaimed non-show for the last two years, anti-comic Edward Aczel is planning something a little different for this Fringe, as he ambitiously Explains All the World’s Problems … And Then Solves Them. His shuffling, shambolic delivery, total lack of jokes and anything remotely resembling a routine may still be agonisingly evident, as is his painfully strained audience interaction and excessive use of pointless flipcharts.

But this time around, the full-time marketing company employee and winner of 2008’s Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality is also promising to investigate, and if necessary, resolve the credit crunch, climate change, global conflict and stand-up comedy. In an hour.

As Aczel’s fame and following continue to swell by ooh, tens of people, it seems appropriate for him to proportionally raise his stakes this high, with a strict no refunds policy indicating just how successful he reckons he’ll be. Specific lowlights for this year include an impression of Steve McQueen, a lecture on the 18th century War of the Spanish Succession lifted word-for-word from Wikipedia and a demonstration of the Seven Deadly Sins through an audience raffle.

Underbelly, 08445 458 252, 8–30 Aug, 7.25pm, £6.50–£10.50 (£8.50–£9). Preview 7 Aug, £6.

Edward Aczel - Explains All the World's Problems ... and Then Solves Them

  • 3 stars

Aczel solves the credit crunch, climate change and, critically, stand-up comedy. 'One of the most original acts in years' (Guardian). ***** (Time Out); **** (Times); **** (Herald). www.showandtelluk.com

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