5 Questions: Gamma Ray Dali

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  • 24 July 2009

This article is from 2009

5 Questions: Gamma Ray Dali

We talk to Gamma Ray Dali who orchestrates the madness that is Confusion is Sex, a multi-sensory clubbing experience featuring live sets from Big Ned and The Leg vs The Pineapple Chunks and far more besides for this Festival special.

5 words to describe the Confusion is Sex experience
Sonic David Lynch arty party.

4 things you love about the DJs/acts/bands on the bill
Superior sonic adventures where fantasy becomes reality. The Freaky Brides, DJs, bands, burlesque acts and pole dancers are part of a Confusion is Sex daydream, mixed up together creating an environment rather than just a music club night.

3 things you love about Edinburgh during the festival
Creative outburst, parties and confusion

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August
The fact that its not like that all the time and flyers.

1 thing you would change about the late night festival scene
That people would drink slower and last longer till the early hours of the morning.

Confusion is Sex, The Bongo Club, 558 7604, midnight-5am, Fri 7 Aug, £7 (£4 in ‘weird and eclectic outfits’).

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