Surviving the Fringe - Richard Fry

This article is from 2009.

Surviving the Fringe

Fringe veteran Richard Fry is performing in a pair of shows in Edinburgh this year. Here he gives up his essential guide to surviving the world’s biggest arts festival

1 Stay sober
I’m drunk for 11 months of the year but in August I lay off the sauce. I’m doing two one-man shows this year and need to be match fit. If people are paying money to see you then don’t turn up with a hangover. Plus, that means in September you can get pissed on two pints. Which is a result as you’ll have no money left by then.

2 Wake up

I’m really bad at waking up in the mornings so I go for an hour-long walk. I’m too lazy to jog. I listen to music and just zone out. Sometimes I listen to Chris Moyles to remind myself that there is always somebody worse off than me.

3 Do a one-man show
If you are performing with other people at the Festival, you will be best friends at the beginning but will want to kill them at the end. And punch them in the middle.

4 Clench

You are far too close to your audience in Edinburgh to get away with farting. Even if they’re silent.

5 Don’t moan

You are performing at the most exciting festival in the world in the most beautiful city. If you don’t like it, go and work in Tesco.

Bully/Killing Me Softly, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, 7–31 Aug, 12.45pm (Bully), 2.45pm (Killing Me Softly), £9–£10 (£8–£9). Previews until 6 Aug, £5.


Welcome return of Richard Fry's five star sell-out gripping tour-de-verse. 'A deeply moving and edifying study of the human condition.' (Fest Magazine). 'Fry has a captivating talent' (Edinburgh Evening News). 'See this now' (British Theatre Guide).

Killing Me Softly

  • 3 stars

Richard Fry and Lizzie Roper in a brand new drama where domestic violence meets karaoke. 'Nothing short of outstanding'; 'Not many can express pathos with such a healthy dose of humour' - ***** (Edinburgh Evening News).

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