Naked ambition - Nic Green's 'Trilogy'

This article is from 2009

Naked ambition - Nic Green's 'Trilogy'

Mark Fisher meets the theatre-maker who’s still proud to call herself a feminist

Nic Green was leading a discussion recently when a young man questioned her use of the word ‘feminism’. ‘No one wants to hear that word, can’t you call it womanism?’ he asked. Green accepts that the term has picked up a load of ‘humourless and joyless’ baggage, but she is happy to identify herself with the movement they used to call women’s lib.

‘Part of this project has been about understanding what I think feminism is and sharing those ideas with other women,’ she says. ‘It feels like young women don’t want to say they’re feminist in case boys and men don’t like them! I’d like it to be celebrated in a way that means we might all be happier.’

Over the past couple of years, she has been building the show that is coming together as Trilogy in St Stephen’s Church, former home of Aurora Nova, now occupied by Glasgow’s Arches. It starts with a 20-minute celebration of womanhood, featuring a display of joyous naked dancing by local volunteers, and finishes with a rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ during which women in the audience are encouraged to strip off too. The centrepiece, Town Bloody Hall, is a response to a landmark feminist discussion in 1971 featuring Germaine Greer and Norman Mailer.

‘It’s about recognising the amazing things that have come before me under the guise of feminism,’ says Green, thrilled by the enthusiasm of audiences. ‘There have been some wonderful women and men who have spoken under the name of feminism and I don’t want to forget about that.’

Trilogy, St Stephen’s, 0141 565 1000, 12–31 Aug (not 18, 25), 7.30pm, £12 (£9). Previews 9 & 10 Aug, £9.


  • 5 stars

An epic interrogation of the complexities of being a woman today. Expect passion, beauty and 50 female volunteer dancers in this radical performance, delivered with rawenergy. 'A quirky, celebratory excursion into feminism' - ****(Herald). 'Joyous' (Guardian). **** (Scotsman).