This article is from 2009.


David Calvitto is lost for words. The usually chatty actor is taking a break from rehearsals for The Event, the one-man show by Fringe favourite and multi award-winner John Clancy, which Calvitto is performing at the Fringe but he’s struggling to find the words to describe it. Finally and rather appropriately, he says, ‘It’s about words failing.’

The Event, he continues, is about how we perceive reality and about how we communicate in the modern world, often with minimal face time. Calvitto says, ‘We talk about keeping “in touch” when we’re actually nowhere near each other. I sit at my computer frantically typing an email to Bob in Spain, I talk on the phone to Mary in California, I text, I Facebook and it gives me the illusion of being in touch with people when actually I’m sitting alone in my room.’

The piece also looks at humankind’s need to be part of an event – be it a football match, Michael Jackson’s memorial service or the biggest arts festival in the world. And it looks at why we are willing to pay to sit in a darkened room to be entertained by complete strangers.

‘This play is not about fantasy or distraction. It’s the exact opposite. It’s about what is really happening right at this moment and that’s entertaining too,’ says Calvitto.

As with much of Clancy’s work, it is also about stripping away the artifice of theatre.

Calvitto says, ‘I like doing one-man shows. I love being responsible for everything. Maybe it’s an ego thing, all the pressure and the attention is focused on you. That is really living in the moment.’

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, 8–31 Aug (not 18), 1.10pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10). Previews 6 & 7 Aug, £5.


  • 4 stars

Five-time Fringe First winner John Clancy ('Americana Absurdum', 'Fatboy') and Stage Best Actor David Calvitto ('Horse Country') reunite in this comic journey beyond the fourth wall into the dangerous, slippery territory that lies just beneath the written word.

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