Andy Cannon Pays Tribute To Robert Burns

This article is from 2009

Oor Rabbie

The Wee Stories man recreates the bard's work with a child friendly performance, and a wry smile.

Were he alive today, you get the feeling Robert Burns would like Andy Cannon. In him, the Scottish bard would recognise a fellow storyteller with a love of his nation, and a knack for entertaining the masses with wit and charm. Best known for his work with Wee Stories Theatre, Cannon has teamed up with cellist Wendy Weatherby to create a fun homage in Oor Rabbie. Targeted at children aged eight and over, the show works equally well for adults. Providing you like a good laugh, that is.

Making innovative use of a hostess trolley and rugby ball, Cannon and Weatherby take us through the 'Address to a Haggis', followed by the heart-rending tale of a homeless rodent, 'Tae a Mouse', and finally a lively, highly interactive version of 'Tam O’Shanter'. All the while we are handed droplets of information about Rabbie’s diverse life and verse with crystal clear clarity.

‘Some people mix up the word complicated with confusing, but they’re not the same thing,’ says Cannon. ‘Children actually enjoy a complicated story if they can understand it; that’s why Harry Potter is such a sensation. They love unpicking complicated things, but they can only do that if it’s not confusing.’

22 Aug, 11am, free.