A Life in Politics - Clare Short

This article is from 2009.

Clare Short

Independent MP releases some controversial bees from her bonnet

Toeing the party line may not be Clare Short’s biggest strength. The feisty politician has frequently received criticism for straying very vocally ‘off message’, and once declared the House of Commons as ‘one of the most depressing and intellectually unstimulating places in the country’. When it comes to overseas matters, the UK’s first Secretary of State for International Development has been widely praised as a powerhouse of passion and dedication. Holding a key role within the Labour party for many years, Short’s appearance is bound to touch upon a few hot potatoes. Amongst the controversies she has stirred up over her career, Short has called for the legalisation of cannabis and the banning of Page Three girls.

After resigning from the Cabinet in 2003, she openly denounced New Labour’s handling of the war in Iraq, and went on to write about her ‘sorrow’ on the way the government has shaped modern Britain in her book, An Honourable Deception. Now, the independent MP for Birmingham Ladywood will be speaking about her years at the centre of British political life, and discussing a few of the more restless bees in her bonnet, including climate change, international development, and Israel, which she believes is ‘much worse than the original apartheid state’.

20 Aug, 1pm, £6 (£3.50).


1. Bridget Panayiotou25 Jan 2016, 10:22am Report

Dear Clare Short did you really say that those poor women who have been raped by these excuse for human beings sorry refugees in Germany that it was their fault and that it happened because of racism and poverty if so you are just as bad as the scum that did this a woman has the right to walk down the street without being attacked these men are too blame and the government who allowed them to enter the country

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