Best children's events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Best children's events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Mya-Rose Craig

A new year and at a new home, the Edinburgh International Book Festival gets underway this weekend

As the Edinburgh College Of Art prepares to usher in another typically diverse programme for lovers of literature, life and thought, we offer up a quickfire list of some top events for children.

Malorie Blackman
Incredibly, it's 20 years since Noughts & Crosses was first published, but it still engenders much debate to this very day, no doubt helped by the BBC adaptation in 2020. The author is here to talk about her memories of writing it and the lasting legacy it's had on a generation of young readers.
Saturday 14 August, 2.30pm, in-person £8; online Pay What You Can.

Mya-Rose Craig
For her book We Have A Dream, ornithologist and race activist Mya-Rose Craig aka Birdgirl spoke to 30 young environmental campaigners of colour across the world to discuss the climate crisis and ask them what they believe needs to be done. 'Dreaming Big On Climate' is the name of this important event.
Monday 16 August, 1.15pm, in-person sold out; online Pay What You Can.

Alastair Chisholm & Elle McNicoll
'Can robots be friends?' Chisholm and McNicoll are two authors who are considering the question of whether robots and humans will be pals when AI becomes a staple of our future. Or will we be mortal enemies?
Sunday 22 August, 2.30pm, in-person £5; online Pay What You Can.

Juno Dawson
The Stonewall ambassador is joined by model Jamie Windust and illustrator Soofiya to discuss the issues raised in Dawson's book What's The T?. They will tackle what it means to be transgender and/or non-binary, and talk about identity, expression, coming out, and dating.
Monday 23 August, 10.15am, in-person sold out; online Pay What You Can.

Philip Ardagh
Fans of The Nine Lives Of Furry Purry Beancat will be hightailing it to this event. At six foot seven inches up to the sky, author Philip Ardagh might be one of the tallest authors in the business so you might need to bring all of his books to stand on when meeting him afterwards. Or, hopefully, he might just be seated.
Monday 30 August, 10am, in-person £5; online Pay What You Can.

All events at Edinburgh College Of Art.

Malorie Blackman: Noughts & Crosses, 20 Years On

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Philip Ardagh: Puss 'n' Books

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Alastair Chisholm & Elle McNicoll: Can Robots Be Friends?

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Dreaming Big on Climate with Mya-Rose Craig

Indigenous people and people of colour are disproportionately affected by climate change, yet often are not heard in global conversations. In this event, British Bangladeshi environmentalist and race activist Dr Mya-Rose Craig (AKA Birdgirl) talks us through her new book, We Have a Dream, in which she speaks to thirty…

What's the T? with Juno Dawson & Special Guests

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Stonewall ambassador, bestselling author and former PSHE teacher Juno Dawson as she talks about her new book What’s the T? along with special guests including award-winning writer, model and contributor Jamie Windust, and the book’s amazing illustrator, Soofiya. Tackling the…