Glenn Wool: The Tiny Kings Of Winter (4 stars)

Glenn Wool: The Tiny Kings Of Winter

Canadian comic reigns supreme with hot topics upon his Edinburgh Fringe return

The scuffed denims and beatnik caps may have been ditched in favour of a smart jacket and trousers as Glenn Wool the married man and proud father takes to the Gilded Balloon stage. But don't let all that respectable domesticity stuff fool you, as the Canadian-Estonian comic (now based in Essex) has thankfully not chucked away his sense of mischief that occasionally threatens to take some material right up to that line where thou shalt not cross in 2021.

For one thing, Wool has got himself a little bit religious over the past few years (not the usual thing to say out loud in public he admits, but it's OK he's not gone full-blown born-again or anything close to it). However, the experience his wife went through during childbirth immediately questioned any faith he may have inadvertently picked up. He also touches on hot button topics such as male privilege and trans rights, always being careful to stay the right side of such divides while proving with unwavering logic that these issues are actually never as clear cut as they appear to be in social media 'debates'.

Wool may have been away from the Fringe stage for four years now, but he still knows full well how to put on an 'Edinburgh' hour. Warming up the crowd with a light bit of pandemic chat, he moves on to the heart of his set before concluding with a vivid portrayal of nature at its most lurid. All he can do in the face of animal-kingdom brutality is hope (maybe even pray) that his son's first memory isn't being forged at such a moment of visceral violence. The Tiny Kings Of Winter is never truly dealt with as a title (maybe that's what 2022 is for), but it's clear that even a reconstructed Glenn Wool remains a master of his subjects.

Glenn Wool: The Tiny Kings Of Winter, Gilded Balloon Teviot, until Wednesday 11 August, 9pm, 10.30pm, £10.

Glenn Wool: The Tiny Kings of Winter

  • 4 stars

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