Arirang Party (3 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Mighty percussion and dance

Arirang Party turns the volume up to a level that would definitely disturb the neighbours. It’s a shame that much of the mighty din comes from a recorded soundtrack, albeit an often beautiful and curvaceous one that emits Andean and Celtic vibes.

Working alongside the sound system is an amazing live percussion act featuring big drums, a curious stringed xylophone that radiates a warm, lolloping country twang, entrancing musicians with flowing waist length black hair, fire, water, and a whole lotta sweat and frenetic thumping.

The show unintentionally consists of two parts that don’t always jive – the rhythmic spectacle on a raised back stage, and a dance performance on the floor that mixes tricksy martial arts and breakdance moves with more tedious sweeps of fans and dresses.

Arirang Party is lively and different, but it doesn’t pull together as a powerful whole and you’re left with the feeling that the best is still to come.

clubWEST, Quincentenary Hall, run ended.

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