What we have learned over the last three weeks

  • The List
  • 21 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

Carol Leifer

Carol Leifer

  • Carol Leifer's hours only last 45 minutes.
  • And Felix Dexter's are only 50 minutes.
  • Free comedy isn't always free.
  • Free comedy isn't always shit.
  • Steven Berkoff has a penchant for Gregg's.
  • Scottish kids TV legend and all-round lovely man Glen Michael is 82 years old.
  • Christine Hamilton's lap is a cosy place to have a nap mid-show.
  • Do not sit behind a row of teenagers in a sexually explicit play.
  • Achtung Pal is almost certainly the worst comedy show in the history of the Fringe. Four one-star reviews at this year's Beano.
  • Saggy Y-fronts do not make good costumes.
  • If you work for a comedian try not to laugh hysterically before the punchlines, it kind of jars.
  • Just because the flyer says 'sexually explicit' doesn't mean it is.
  • Don't pay to see children or animals.
  • Some people actually give thanks for bad reviews of their shows. It helps them 'grow and improve as artists'.
  • A great strategy for getting through to the theatre or comedy editor of your choice: phone up The List offices claiming someone just phoned your number and you missed the call. We fell for it loads.
  • Simon Amstell is the most-spotted man at the Fringe, despite not having a show on. And he looks good in Raybans.

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