Take 5: Fabulous festival nudes

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  • 21 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

1. New Electric Ballroom

Ladies, have we not all dreamed of having our very own fishmonger stripped bare, hosed down and scrubbed by our older sisters before he is presented to us in a glittery blue suit? And there's even a post-nude song to commemorate the moment.

Five festival nudes - New Electric Ballroom

2. Dybbuk/4.48 Psychosis

Poland's answer to Angelina Jolie, Magdalena Cielecka strips down not once, but twice in these two heavy duty theatre pieces. She answers the male audience members' prayers in both the Polish spectaculars hitting the International Festival. All completely intrinsic to the plot you understand.

Five festival nudes - 4.48 Psychosis

3. Foreskins Lament

Enough said.

Five festival nudes - Foreskins Lament

4. Scott Capurro

Capurro takes the metaphor of stand-up-as-masturbation to its logical conclusion by pulling down his trousers and pants and indulging in some on stage onanism. Stay out of the front rows.

Five festival nudes - Scott Capurro

5. Jim Rose Circus

A woman's bottom. Blue paint. You know the story. Or, if you don't, it involves bare behinds and impressive trajectories. Again, stay out of the front rows. And the back ones for that matter - she's a good shot.

The New Electric Ballroom

Edna focuses on three sisters who have effectively locked themselves away from their tiny fishing village and from any sort of progress, and now exist in gaudy, festering stasis.

The Dybbuk

  • 3 stars

Polish-made adaptation of the Jewish classic that employs symbols of Kabbalah and other Jewish traditions to explore that the latent pressures that haunt contemporary culture. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival'

4.48 Psychosis

  • 4 stars

Polish company TR Warszawa take on Sarah Kane's haunting final play. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Festival'

Scott Capurro

  • 3 stars

He's not for everyone, but fans of the bitchy-mouthed Fringe veteran will adore this mix of the inspired and the obnoxious.'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.

Jim Rose Circus

  • 2 stars

A flat return for the Fringe legend, with a carnivalesque show set in hell. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'

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