Five reasons to go and see: Tam White & The Dexters

This article is from 2008

Tam White

1: They’re an Edinburgh Institution

The mere mention of the name brings a warm glow to the hearts of Edinburgh music fans of a certain vintage. The band’s legendary residencies at the Preservation Hall and Platform 1 (both now gone as music venues) back in the 80s are still talked about today.

2: Tam has a voice you won’t forget

Gravelly is how the singer is usually described, but while that is the definitely at the root of his appeal, his artistry lies in the nuances of colour and expression that he works in and around that irresistible blues growl.

3: It’s a good-time feel

The Dexters like to party, big time. Tam’s renditions of classic blues, R&B and jazz songs are backed up by a killer rhythm section, great guitar work from Jim Condie, and a full-on horn section playing great arrangements.

4: Tam White is blues royalty

Tam’s pop career looked set to make him a big star, but went off the rails. Blues and jazz were the winners when he cleaned up his act and re-emerged as one of the best bluesmen in the business, in settings ranging from acoustic trio through to belting big band

5: You don’t get the chance too often

Tam isn’t performing so much these days, so grab the chance to catch the man in a prime setting while it’s going.

The Spiegel Garden, 667 8940, 30 Aug, 8pm, £15 (£13).

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