Air Alba (3 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Nancy Nicholson

Nancy Nicholson

A celebration of Scotland’s contribution to world cuisine through song, story and music

As the small audience shuffled in out of the early evening drizzle, raconteur Nancy Nicholson and guitarist Tony Mitchell happily greeted the audience, spinning yarns before most had even taken their seats. This friendly welcome set the tone for an hour of song, music and storytelling cleverly entwined around Scotland’s culinary history.

The show’s title, Air Alba – Gaelic for ‘around Scotland’ – did exactly that, with the talented and likeable Nicholson taking us on a light-hearted journey through the history of the Scottish diet and its role in shaping the nation’s people, history and politics. The relaxed lounge atmosphere at the Royal Oak basement bar provided an ideal setting as a mix of original folk tunes and modern classics were skilfully performed by guitarist Tony Mitchell, ensuring an entertaining evening for both natives and visitors alike. Who would have thought a song about Thatcher’s advice on cheese could be so much fun.

The Royal Oak, 557 2976, until 24 Aug, 3pm, £5.

Air Alba

  • 3 stars

Traditional songs about Scotland and its cuisine from Nancy Nicholson and Tony Mitchell. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.


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