Two Drummers Drumming (3 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Two Drummers Drumming

Where’s the six geese a laying and the five gold rings?

Have you heard the one about the drummer? Maurice Bacon and Mathew Priest have, and they’re sick of it. Stick-bashing veterans of two notable bands of the 60s and 90s, they’ve brought their ‘Two Drummers Drumming’ show to this year’s Fringe to dispel such musical bigotry, and to fight the corner of contemporary music’s perennial back-seat driver.

The show opens with a not-unexpected drumming demonstration, and moves on to encompass tales from the soggy end of the music business and miscellaneous video clips of rhythm-related japes. Both Bacon and Priest have a real depth of experience in the recording industry (the former was the drummer on 60’s soul classic ‘Everlasting Love’) and their encounters with rock royalty and gullible record executives make for absorbing anecdotes. The audience are frequently brought into play – we’re taught some basic rhythms and, later, are synthesised into a 50-strong human drum machine.

Bacon and Priest are affable presenters, and the promise of a visit from a member of the drumming aristocracy should entice some to return. The show has the feel of a genteel initiation into the fraternity of drummers, and it’s a device that makes for a diverting and inclusive 60 minutes.

The Bongo Club, 557 2827, until 25 Aug, 4.30pm, £7–8 (£6–7).

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