Midnight Juggernauts

This article is from 2008.

Midnight Juggernauts

Aussie trio hit the disco highway

In the past few months, the globetrotting Midnight Juggernauts have toured with Bloc Party, been featured in stroppy lifestyle bible Vice and even cooked for Justice – friends in high places to be sure.
While not the latest act to attempt to infuse rock swagger with a dance aesthetic, their combination of dreamy synths and live-wire drums have put them on the lips of some of the industry’s most influential trend-setters. Debut album Dystopia has already topped several ‘Best of the Year’ lists, and a rigorous touring schedule has forged a live show of cosmic proportions. Catch them here at The Edge before they go extra-galactic.

Cabaret Voltaire, 08444 999 990, 22 Aug, 7pm, £8.

Midnight Juggernauts

Melbourne space disco trio who have been described as 'Can meets ELO'.


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