Five questions: Marco Bernardi

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  • 21 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

Marco Bernardi

Marco Bernardi is the mild-mannered janitor behind Octogen, the jewel in Soma Records’ electronic crown. He comes to Edinburgh as part of the Edge Festival’s Soma Records Night and submits to our probing with peculiar results

5 words to describe your live show

Brand-new, danceable, undanceable, salmon, trout.

4 things that would be on your dream rider

Water, beans, bread, car tyre.

3 things you’d like to get out of your visit to Edinburgh

Eiffel tower, pyramids and the Briggait.

2 influences you’d rather not admit to

Wet Wet Wet and Glen Medeiros.

1 rumour you’d like to start about yourself

I know Glen Michael.

Octogen plays as part of the Soma Records Night at Edge Festival, Cabaret Voltaire, 08444 999 990, 22 Aug, 11pm, £8.

Soma Records Night

The Glasgow label makes its annual pilgrimage to the Festival as Slam are joined by Gary Beck and Animal Farm for a mix of dark expansive house and deep techno. Part of the Edge Festival.

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