Scottish Dance Theatre (4 stars)

This article is from 2008

Scottish Dance Theatre

Two very different displays of talent

It’s not bombastic patriotism to suggest that some of the most accomplished and satisfying contemporary dance on the Fringe is homegrown. These two works performed by Scottish Dance Theatre are an excellent showcase for the jaw-dropping versatility of the company.

Meditating on love, Liv Lorent’s Tenderhook makes satyrs and rampaging, tumbling nymphs out of its dancers, twirling ribbons and balls of light on strings in the air, all of them yearning for love as Ezio Bosso’s score reaches a joyful, orgasmic crescendo. Eventually, though, the strings become tangled round their wrists, their movements cloud and they grow weary with carnality.

Hofesh Shechter’s terrific, brute force DOG is a very different proposition – itchy, twitchy, slick and performed with precision. The dancers move as a pack, Brazilian rave dance feeding into a muse on evolution with animalistic ticks and punch-drunk flails feeding into the learned memory of the group.

Zoo Southside, until 24 Aug, 662 6892, 6.30pm, £10 (£8).

Scottish Dance Theatre

  • 4 stars

SDT's latest programme of new and original work includes the return of 'tenderhook' by Liv Lorent, and the world premiere of a brand-new piece from Hofesh Shechter. They're dramatically different pieces, but both beautifully executed, showcasing the versatility and talent of the company.

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