Family (2 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Arirang Party & Family

Martial arts and B-boy battles

Head spins. Body spins. Spinning hand stands. Spinning kicks. Spinning on one hand. This energetic show from Korea makes outrageous martial arts and breakdance moves look so effortless that you begin to believe you could do it all yourself.

Playing like a video game, complete with a soundtrack that fuses bleeps with orchestral victory music, Family takes the form of a dance off between the Taekwon Family and the B-boy Family. Cue lots of impressive kicks and mock battle moves, a few of which look too painful to even describe.

It’s played out with a sense of fun, enthusiasm and some simple, inventive backdrops but it’s all too chaotic and lacking in structure. And while it couldn’t really have been any longer, the running time of 45 minutes felt decidedly short. (Susan Wright)

clubWEST, Quincentenary Hall, 527 1562, run ended

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