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  • 21 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

David WW Johnstone

David WW Johnstone, artistic director of Edinburgh-based experimental arts unit talks about his new show, Aurora Borealis, and why you should be heading to Dance Base to see it

What 5 things/people inspire you most in your work?
Japanese brushstrokes. Jazz. Jacques Tati. Ossetynski, my mentor. The Unknown.

Give 4 reasons why people should come and see Aurora Borealis
The work is almost invisible. You may recognise yourself. You may take the light away with you. Joy.

Name your 3 favourite shows at the Fringe.
Dark Roots (2005). Nameless Nobody (2006). Six Women Standing Against A White Wall (2007). 2008: still looking.

What 2 words sum up the Lazzi style?
Realism. Surrealism.

What 1 word describes how you feel about performing?

Dance Base Presents . . . Aurora Borealis, 225 5525, until 23 Aug, noon, £5 (£4).

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