Michael McIntyre (2 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Michael McIntyre

The accent is on over-familiarity

Last year, Michael McIntyre apparently harangued two judges on the if.comedy panel for doing this nation the great disservice of not handing him the award on a plate. Still, he could at least reassure himself of his genius with all those flattering star ratings, boasting from the stage that his poster looked like a planetarium. Because, you know, it’s got lots of stars on it. This year, who knows what the constellations have in store for him, though if judges fancy comics who bellow into their tiny mics, do an absolutely fantastic Scottish accent (Michael can do taxi driver Scottish, Morningside Scottish and camp Scottish) and breezily chat to the audience for ages, then he’s sorted.

Regards the actual material, there was passable stuff about other parents having him down as a Nazi paedophile after a series of silly misunderstandings. And then there’s the routine about an awkward incident when he was first trying to impress his future in-laws. Amusing in itself, but less so when you realise he was telling it in a Pleasance cupboard back in 2003. According to his MySpace page, Groundhog Day is among his favourite films.

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