Kiosk of Champions (4 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Kiosk of Champions

Knockabout fun from undynamic duo

Describing themselves at the upshot as the ‘conquerors of comedy’ and ‘buccaneers of wit’, Richard Sandling (he of VHS: Death to DVD Fringe fame) and Stuart Goldsmith (he’s toured with Mark Watson, you know) have managed to cobble together the most stripped-down sketch show imaginable.
Despite having no props, wigs or sets, and armed with only the slightest grasp of regional accents, they still succeed in creating an hour of captivating comedy, with scenes about whales, the moon and the common man’s attitude to stand-up comics.

The less-than-dynamic duo approach each sketch with pleasing, carefree attitudes and a genuine sense of knockabout fun, merrily slagging each other’s faults and pouring scorn on individual attributes (and not in the mock-mocking way of most comedic double acts: it’s not difficult to imagine them ripping each other apart off stage, too).

Let’ s pray they never decide to become consummate professionals. It’ll be the death of them.

The Canons’ Gait, 556 4481, until 24 Aug, 5pm, free.

Kiosk of Champions

  • 4 stars

Carefree humour and knockabout fun from this undynamic duo's sketch show. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.

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