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  • 21 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

John Wheeler

Hayseed Dixie front guy John Wheeler is turning to stand-up comedy for a one-off Fringe appearance this year. Here he cuts a swathe through our Q&A.

What five words best describe your stand-up show?
Only the truth is funny.

Which comics should be more famous than they are now?
Just Jamie Kilstein. Here is a man that is not only funny but also likes ale.

Can you tell me one strange thing that you’ve heard about Edinburgh in August that you would really like to believe is true?
That August is the one month of the year in which it doesn’t rain much. I don’t believe it, but I’d like to . . .

Name one dead comedian you wish was alive and working today?
Bill Hicks. That’s a much more clichéd answer in the UK than it would be in the US. Nobody knows him there, but I’d give many earthly possessions to hear him do ten minutes on Bush, Osama bin Laden and Coldplay.

Tell us one rumour you’d like to start about yourself?
I was dating Kate Moss, but she just couldn’t party with me properly. After 12 or 13 days on a cocaine, booze and health-food-organic-smoothie bender, she would just to go to bed. Nobody told me it was nap time!!! I was on a freakin’ mission, and she just couldn’t hang!!! So now I’m dating Brigitte Nielsen.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 668 1633, 23 Aug, 10.45pm, £13.50.

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