Steve Reich Evening

This article is from 2008.

Steve Reich Evening

Music and dance pioneers in perfect harmony

She's one of the most prominent names in European contemporary dance, he's a giant of American minimalist music. Together, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Steve Reich make quite a pair - although their partnership is a result of admiration, rather than collaboration.

De Keersmaeker has been inspired by Reich's music on several occasions over the past 25 years, while Reich has been so impressed by what she does with it, he's given her free reign with his compositions. A big fan of both artists, Edinburgh International Festival director, Jonathan Mills is excited to have the Steve Reich Evening in his programme.

'Anne Teresa is a very versatile choreographer,' he says. 'And her fascination with Steve Reich is only one element of what she does. But I think his music reveals a very special part of her personality, where she can be very precise and exact in some works and euphoric in others.'

Featuring six works performed by De Keersmaeker's company, Rosas, the show will also hold huge appeal for music fans. 'Reich is one of those artists who's not easy to define,' says Mills. 'Because he fits so many categories - classical, popular, contemporary. His audience is broad, so we're encouraging people to come to the show not just for Anne Teresa's choreography, but to hear Reich's music played live by the fantastic Ictus ensemble. I think the two forms connect very logically and beautifully - the joy of the dance and the sheer energy of the music.'

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 0131 473 2000, 15-17 Aug, 7.30pm, £10–£28.

Steve Reich Evening

Two groundbreakers in their respective fields come together in this night of choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and music by the legendary Steve Reich. 'Part of the Edinburgh International Festival'.

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