Painting Music Workshop (4 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Painting Music Workshop

The art of sound

There are several enjoyable aspects to this imaginative workshop, but the best one is the gift that keeps on giving. In just 40 minutes, Rhuti Carr and her musical cohorts give you a new skill that will stay with you for life. Gathered around a giant piece of paper, with paint pallets, brushes and water in abundance, we sit and await our instructions. Today, says Carr, we're going to learn how to paint music. A bizarre concept, but, when you look around the room at the end of the session, that's exactly what we've all done.

With Carr on the oboe, accompanied by a pianist and cellist, they demonstrate how some notes are long, others short, loud, soft, high, low - all of which can be translated into an array of colours on our increasingly vibrant paper. Or, amusingly, the musicians can play what we paint, when volunteers from the audience step up to the easel.

One instrument at a time, we learn to interpret their sound. Until finally, when all three musicians come together in a brief but beautiful recital, we're all busily painting a colourful picture to take home. With adults actively encouraged to join in just as much as children, this is a fun but relaxing exploration of cross-artform creativity. And, with a few pots of paint and a CD, a new trick you can play at home any time you like.

Sweet ECA, 0870 241 0136, until 25 Aug, 12.50pm, £3 (£5.50).

Painting Music Workshop

  • 4 stars

A truly lovely way to introduce children to an appreciation of music. Pick up a paintbrush, listen to the live piano, cello and oboe and get painting. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.

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