Visualise Reloaded (4 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Visualise Reloaded

Technoclowns inspire again

Following last year's Visualise show, Science Made Simple duo, Debbie Sirop and Gareth Smith illuminate young minds once again with Visualise: Reloaded, an entertaining blend of physical theatre and scientific exploration. Against a highly energetic soundtrack, Sirop and Smith perform experiments involving light, steam, smoke and soundwaves to present natural phenomena, such as the similar branch patterns in leaves and human veins.

They also clown around with two Apple Macs, a video camera and strobe lights to project psychedelic images onto a big screen. Sirop and Smith are an amusing duo, with the tall Sirop towering over the shorter Smith and defeating him at blowing smoke rings and creating whirlpools. Their act isn't perfect, however, and occasionally there's a lull between acts or too many minutes spent on not-so-interesting demonstrations, such as comparing defrosting peas to green balloons floating in the air.

But encouraging kids to look at their world through a scientific lens is no easy feat, and Sirop and Smith do it very well.

Venue 13, 07074 201313, until 24 Aug, Noon (14-16 Aug) & 2.15pm (17-24 Aug), £8 (£5).

Visualise Reloaded

The 'Science Made Simple' team are back to live up to their name, and give you a few laughs at the same time. The production mixes physical theatre with live science demonstrations that employ the familiar (toilet rolls, sellotape) to rather surprising effect (explosions!). Ages 6+.

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