James Campbell's Shut Up Stupid (2 stars)

This article is from 2008

James Campbell's Shut Up Stupid

Scatalogical comedy with scenes of mild peril

James Campbell's latest offering calls itself a 'black experimental comedy', and you'd be right for wondering if this is suitable for children. Much effort has gone into scripting the warped chronology and fourth-wall antics of the plot, but they're wasted on an audience that's not too fussed about such heady concepts.

The two leads specialise in a kind of simpering lunacy and cartoonish tenacity and there are moments of 'mild peril' - one scene involving a knife to the throat certainly has some parents on edge - but the material is largely family friendly.

Older children may appreciate the lay analysis of a parent's mind, while their younger counterparts might enjoy the healthy dollop of scatology in the midsection, but this just isn't enough to make a passable show. Kids are hard enough to please at the best of time but thinking this kind of caper is good enough is just, well, stupid.

Sweet ECA, 0870 2410136, until 25 Aug, 4pm, £7–£8 (£6–£7).

James Campbell's Shut Up Stupid

  • 2 stars

An 'experimental black comedy' from the man who brought us the 'Comedy Club 4 Kids'. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.