Will & Greg (4 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Will & Greg

A lesson in chemistry from ex-Ugly Kids

As the audience enters the sweaty room, Will and Greg are enthusiastically cycling on exercise bikes. It sets the pace for a fast and furious sketch show which is clever, bizarre and, like its title, deceptively simple. Will Andrews and Greg McHugh are character comedians who have captured the attention of Channel 4 for good reason. As the male half of last year's hit and miss Ugly Kid, this stripped-down, less frantic sketch show is obviously the better half.

Some of the characters have survived the crossover including Will's dramatic and smooth-talking Dr Frank and Greg's Spanish man with a cup. The new material features things that shouldn't be funny but are rendered hilarious: a list of train stations, a television which says it's a police desk and a sinister tea cake. The difference between other wacky shows and Will and Greg's is the emphatic performances which bubble with enjoyable chemistry between the two.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 24 Aug (not 20), 3.30pm, £8–£9 (£6.50–£7.50).

Will & Greg

  • 4 stars

A lesson in chemistry from ex-Ugly Kids Will Andrews and Greg McHugh, in this deceptively simple sketch show. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.

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