Kids Events

This article is from 2008.

Kids Events

When Miranda Richardson so memorably played the child-like Queen Elizabeth I in Blackadder, a career in entertaining kids seemed to be in the offing. With Horrid Henry (16 Aug) she appears to have finally grasped that opportunity by voicing the little terror in the ITV animated version. Richardson will be showing up in town for this event alongside Henry creator Francesca Simon. Whether you believe Henry is good or ghastly is a debate for another day, while later that same day we hear of Heroes vs Villains (16 Aug) as authors Mark Walden and Andy Briggs go head to head with their creations. And you might be wanting to look away when Chris Priestley unveils Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror (17 Aug).

On a far more gentle note come the likes of Peter Pan and Wendy (14 Aug), Maisie with Aileen Paterson (20 Aug) and Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater (18 Aug). Whether you’re up for the nice things or the naughtier ones in literary life, it’s going to be a hectic old week.

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