Gledinbow (3 stars)

This article is from 2008.


Glasgow and Edinburgh reconciled through art?

‘gleDinBow’ is pitched as an exhibition that has paired artists from Edinburgh with partners from Glasgow as a way to explore ‘sibling rivalry’ and attempt to cross perceived artistic boundaries between the two cities. In practise there is little discernable evidence of such links. What remains is essentially a solid group show by emerging artists.

The exhibition is located in an abandoned office block, and it is this space, and the use that has been made of it, that is really the exhibition’s selling point. Taking full advantage of the generous square-footage, Steve Mykietyn, Tonya McMullan, Derek Sutherland and Marine Myrup have created ambitiously large sculptural installations. Some of these works are more successful than others, but it is refreshing to see emerging artists attempting work on a large scale.

One of several solid film works, Shelly Nadashi’s strangely intriguing ‘Who Gives Birth?’ features a masked young woman (perhaps the artist?) intoning an almost-nonsense series of phrases in a weird sing-song voice. Acknowledging the building’s original use, Tonya McMullen’s video installation in the office kitchens shows a woman spinning around on an office chair with an absolutely straight face. But it is Beall’s ‘terra incognita (Unknown Land)’ that stands out. Set in a large office space, a projected image of a snowy, barely inhabited landscape rotates around the room. As the image moves, it illuminates aspects of the space: dangling light cords, old radiators and venetian blinds, juxtaposing this abandoned space with a mysterious land of snow.

Art’s Complex, St. Margaret’s House, 07879 054757, until 21 Aug, 12pm-5pm, free


  • 3 stars

The new Edinburgh artist-run initiative echo offers an exhibition on the (sibling) rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each of the five featured artists has chosen an artist based in Glasgow to either collaborate with or to submit work for the show. 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

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