5 Questions - Spam the Musical

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  • 14 August 2008

This article is from 2008

5 Questions - Spam the Musical

One of the anonymous VI@GR@ artists behind Spam the Musical takes LOHAN TOPLESS time out from phishing and FREE MEDS $65 terrorising passers-by to answer our ROLEX questionnaire.

5 words to describe SPAM the Musical
Viral, punk, trojan, fabulous & fucked up.

4 places we might be able to catch it
Where you least expect it. Or www.spamthemusical.com, if you’re lazy.

3 other EAF exhibitions you’re looking forward to
Collective Gallery – The Golden Record: Sounds of Earth, c a m e r a – Infinity and Perspective, Embassy Gallery – Mutatis Mutandis

2 reasons why Fringe audiences need a little more spam in their lives
Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much.

1 of the best spam mails you’ve ever received
It said, ‘Stand tall stand strong, voices that care are crying from from your pants.’

SPAM the Musical will happen at undisclosed locations around town from Thu 28 Aug, but can be seen now at www.spamthemusical.com

SPAM, The Musical

Having collected email spam for over 2 years, Boris Eldagsen turns spam into video art and video art into art spam. Just as spam email is uninvited so the guerrilla screenings of SPAM the Musical are viewed by chance encounters at unnamed locations throughout the city 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

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