Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller (5 stars)

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  • 14 August 2008

This article is from 2008

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Over six pieces comprising kinetic sculpture, projections, visceral jokes, total immersion sensory works, whole room architectural installations and, with ‘Opera for a Small Room’ (pictured), an awe-inspiringly perfect sound sculpture, Cardiff and Bures Miller evoke worlds within worlds. Each separate work is capable of subsuming an open-minded viewer in its hinted-at narrative, from the simple beauty of old-book mustiness, ‘The House of Books Has No Windows’ to the self-indicting dystopian horror of ‘The Killing Machine’. Crawl in, peep, crane, marvel, and let each piece take you back to a childhood state of imaginative possibility. In terms of sensory experience, it’s this year’s Fuerzabruta. And it’s free.

Fruitmarket Gallery, 225 2383, until Sun 28 Sep, free.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

  • 5 stars

A first chance for Scottish audiences to experience the work of one of the most internationally-respected artist partnerships. Six different, immersive installation works which combine image, video, sound and music, as well as architectural and sculptural installation, draw audiences into a highly credible fictional world…

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