5 Questions - Krishma Bachoo

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  • 14 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

5 Questions - Krishma Bachoo

5 words to describe the Obscene vs Volume experience?
Friendly, anything goes, genre-less, bass-fuelled, mayhem.

4 things you love about the DJs/acts on the bill?
Everyone is playing for free for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre’s & Myeloma UK. MC Sonny, died in October 2005, resident at Manga and good friend to a lot of people in the Edinburgh music scene – it’s a great tribute to his memory. It’s a massive showcase of local talent. Double Helix are launching their debut album, Future Proof. The line-up is a huge mash up of different styles: drum & bass, jungle, dubstep, hip hop, bmore and a bit of everything.

3 things you love about Edinburgh during the Festival?
The late licenses: it’s all about partying till 5am. You are never more spoilt for choice. The atmosphere – Edinburgh really is at its best when every nook and cranny is being used as a Festival venue.

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August?
Having to work twice as hard when everyone else is out. I never seem to have enough money to do all the things I want to.

1 thing you would change about the late night Festival scene?
Some promoters take advantage of the Festival and charge far too much.

Obscene vs Volume, Luna, 478 7434, 16 Aug, 10pm-5am, £5.


Sexy, funky house vibes plus jelly wrestling, pole dancers, breakdancers and live drums.

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