Elvis Hates Me! (4 stars)

This article is from 2008.

Elvis Presley aka. "The King" has been an icon to many for generations. In Philip Stokes’ latest play, the star comes back to life, only there are two of him.

The story is set in a mental ward where two patients, both believing they are Elvis Presley, are cared for by a disturbed nurse. The play follows the nurse’s fantasies about what she could have been and her thoughts on the world of celebrities. Her performance is captivating throughout and is key to this play’s success.

The cast, from Horizon Arts, not only provoke laughter, tears and shock from the audience; but also address weightier themes of our current society and its obsession with celebrity.

The design is extremely modest and simple, which encourages the actors to dominate the stage and hold the full attention of the audience.

The Zoo, 662 6892 until 25 Aug, 4pm £7 (£5)


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