What the guide books don't tell you about Edinburgh in August

  • The List
  • 7 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

Don't stay out past 3am
You may arrive rejoicing in the 5am bar extensions but a night spent witnessing the sweaty, monstrous creeps that emerge after the conservative 2.55am mark will dissuade forever more. And they were the friends you came with. The situation deteriorates exponentially when sambuca is added.

Do eat off the Royal Mile
It may be where all the action is happening but you might find your pennies exhausted on the golden mile. There are a whole host of places just paces away: try the veggie baked potato shop at the top of Cockburn Street or Spoon on Blackfriar's Street if you fancy a hearty menu that doesn't include a cliched haggis medley.

Always add 22 minutes to every journey you make, regardless of how long you think it will be
The surge of pamphleteers, the engorged crowd around the stilt-balancing flame-throwers and bad directions will guarantee you arrive late if you forget our rule. And it will probably be one of those shows where there are no late entries because you have to walk across the stage, or some such nonsense.

Find free wi-fi
Some of the venues have it, pubs like The Jolly Judge and cool bars like the Villager have it, so ask and hook up. It will save you a fiver and will save you from a cramped internet café or two and you can blog to your heart?s content. For full details see www.list.co.uk/places/wi-fi.

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