Samurai swordsmanship cuts the mustard

This article is from 2008

Alan Bissett's Festival Blog

Mon 4th Aug

Swords. Japanese people with swords. Japanese people with swords who choreographed the fight scenes in Kill Bill. I’m there.

Samurai Spirit (at Zoo) is just that: a group of warriors performing with samurai swords. There isn’t much to be said about this really except that it all looked as cool as you’d expect – especially when soundtracked by the actual music from Kill Bill – and the audience lapped it up when one of their own was invited onstage for some (kinda hammy) swordplay. But let’s not forget this stuff is as difficult and closely choreographed as any dance act you’re likely to see at the festival. The teenage geek in your life will love it.

Alan Bissett is the author of the novels Boyracers and The Incredible Adam Spark. He lives in Glasgow.