The Grandees (2 stars)

This article is from 2008.

This amateurish production tells of Nicodemus' quest to find the magic key to open the Box of Cricks for his barmy grandmother on her 100th birthday. There is little to praise here as sadly the writers seem to think that merely mentioning poo or wee will get them a laugh. The only relief comes with amusing dance sequences.

Baby Belly, 0844 545 8252, until 24 Aug (not 12), 1.15pm, £8.50–£9.50 (£7.50–£8.50).


1. Dave and Angie7 Aug 2008, 5:01pm5 stars The Grandees Report

We completely disagree with the review for this show. We thought it was an absolute blast, mixing great character based humour with outrageous dance moves and a cast willing to push the boundaries, we laughed our bottoms off from start to finish... It is a difficult dank space to create atmosphere and we thought they more than managed to whip their audience into a fantasy frenzy. Blending references to Pans Labrynth, Pulp Fiction, Fraggle Rock and the Matrix to name just a few, the brave cast showed there's life in the old fawn yet!!!! Bravo... 5 stars.....

2. Jadey Finlayson8 Aug 2008, 12:31pm Report

The Box of Cricks is an utter delight and exactly as comedy should be; pure escapism. The plot is thick with mischief and surprise, the characters are dark and silly and ridiculous - the writing is unpretentious and fun. The Grandees themselves are a tight troupe of adaptable, well timed and upbeat comic performers.
Also... poo and wee ARE funny. So go see this show.

3. THE GRANDEES10 Aug 2008, 5:53pm Report

Hey Guys,
Its been brought to our attention that some complimentary posts have been writen and there they are! Thankyou-we're thrilled that you enjoyed the show.You'll be glad to hear the reviews have much improved since then so here's to poo and wee!


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