Let The Earth Breathe

This article is from 2008.

Let The Earth Breathe

Music with a message

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, people are full of good intentions. But few of us follow through quite so impressively as the Kenodeke Arts Collective. Their new show, Let The Earth Breathe not only sends out a positive message about being green, they actively practise what they preach.

'We're a 100% recycled company,' explains Jessica Raine of Kenodeke. 'So every prop or costume we use all come from the rubbish dump. And we're hoping to use a bicycle to power the lights and get the kids to help out with peddling.'

Featuring a host of live musicians drawn from America and Spain, the show centres around a tiny seed struggling to grow in an over-filled rubbish tip. Once some space is cleared, it starts to flourish with a little help from the elements (aka you, the audience). The message is clear, but delivered in a lively, entertaining way. As Raine says: 'It's just about everyone doing their own little bit to respect the earth we're living on.'

Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides, 346 1405, 7-24 Aug, 1.30pm (7-8, 11-15 & 18-23 Aug); 2.30pm (9-10, 16-17 & 24 Aug), £8 (£4--£6).

Let the Earth Breathe

Music with an environmentally friendly message. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.

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