Alice Fraser: Mythos (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Alice Fraser: Mythos

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Another amusing and thought-provoking hour from Australian stand-up

The very opposite of a polemical comedian, Alice Fraser could eventually have 'but on the other hand' chiselled onto her gravestone or park bench. Admitting that she wants to appear less confusing, with Mythos she tears into many subjects only to find awkward contradictions inherent within everything, including sexuality and racism. So when someone suggests online that Australia might not actually exist, her initial steadfast rejection of such a fantastical notion wanes a little when she considers the possible arguments behind such a bizarre belief.

As ever with an Alice Fraser show, there are big ideas being transferred from the stage and into an audience's collective consciousness, with plenty of excellent jokes tying it all together. And also, as we've come to expect from her, there is a lot of personal, family stuff to be aired, as she considers the veracity of her surname. She recalls her grandfather fondly and is proud to have an endlessly supportive father (he's the one who collects all her reviews while she can't bear to face them). Some men, of course, are not so great and even Zeus had an inferiority complex, it seems. Plus, musical-comedy sceptics, she plays songs on her banjo that amuse and delight.

Run at Gilded Balloon Teviot ended.

Alice Fraser: Mythos

  • 3 stars

Gag Reflex in Association with TGA and Frontier Comedy Alice Fraser has been lying to herself. But aren't we all? In Mythos, she takes on the stories and lies that we tell ourselves about ourselves and each other. In this clever and very funny show Alice (co-host of The Bugle) asks: Is beauty truth? Is truth beautiful?