Richard Stott: Right Hand Man (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Richard Stott: Right Hand Man

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Solid debut from a slick comic about a rare condition

Having produced a fine full Edinburgh debut show and nabbed the number two slot in the Dave Joke of the Fringe Award, Richard Stott can leave August behind with a warm glow. Having being born with Poland Syndrome which left him with a misshapen left hand, Stott certainly has an intriguing USP not only in comedy, but indeed in life (this rare condition affects more men than women, and strikes, roughly, one in every 10,000).

In this thoughtful show, Stott wonders whether he should actually be considered as disabled given his everyday life is largely unspoiled (chances are no one would have even spotted his left hand's shape had he not pointed it out). While he struggles to tie his own shoelaces, he can rescue lost items from tiny places. The biggest downside seems to be that Guitar Hero was one interactive game too far for him.

Stott amusingly shows us what other stories come up when you search #PolandSyndrome while less humorously, he plays the footage (on a loop) of Trump on the campaign trail mocking a disabled journalist. Having covered his own personal circumstances with Right Hand Man, Stott may well put that in the 'done' folder as he moves onto the promising next stage of his comedy career.

Run at Gilded Balloon Teviot ended.

Richard Stott: Right Hand Man

  • 3 stars

Debut show from this comedian.