Joe Rooney: Shut Your Cakehole (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

Joe Rooney: Shut Your Cakehole

Amusingly immature gambits from an act marginally stuck in the past

He's quite the joker is Joe Rooney. The Irish wag's wiki page claims co-writing credits on some of Beyoncé and Adele's biggest hits, a gag which is even funnier when you hear his own musical creations and sonic spoofs in Shut Your Cakehole. The title provides the song which opens proceedings, a ranty affair about stuff that annoys him which pretty much sets the tone for the hour's remainder. There's a pleasingly juvenile way that Rooney (most famous for playing the relatively cool Father Damo in Father Ted) darts about his stage and chuckles at his own tomfoolery, but sadly, much of the material lands without any great success.

His bits about the crazy set-up of hotel-room lighting and the 'smarmy pilot' are decidedly lumpen, while his routine people having too much choice these days when it comes to 'picking' their sexuality is another story altogether. There's little doubting that Rooney can hold a tune and is a decent impersonator, as his mimicry of Lou Reed and David Bowie proves. However, his mantra that he hates change is only too obvious when it comes to assessing his own rather old-school stand-up act.

Run at The Stand 4 ended.

Joe Rooney: Shut Your Cakehole

  • 2 stars

Joe Rooney / The Stand Comedy Club Joe Rooney (Father Ted’s Father Damo) returns to the Fringe with an evening of stand-up and music. Featuring songs such as Bring Back the Oul’ Potato, a paean to the potato and how it’s demise has led to an onrush of psychological and sexual confusion, and I Want to Eat the Pilot, an…