Daniel Nils Roberts: The History of the World in 1 Hour (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Daniel Nils Roberts: The History of the World in 1 Hour

credit: John Cairns

Fun romp around simply everything that has happened on our planet

With the effervescence (and at times, even the vocal intonations) of Mark Watson in full flow, Daniel Nils Roberts has left himself a near-impossible task: to cover, in a mere 60 minutes, everything that's ever happened in the world. Ever. This co-founder of improv gang Racing Minds and a member of Austentatious has us on tenterhooks at the beginning as he commences a countdown to the show but which always stalls around number four, as some distraction or other keeps coming to his mind. It's a technique that gets sillier but funnier with each false start.

When it seems these interruptions will be constant, finally he gets into the beef of the hour which skates around impressively on topics such as the use of VAR in biblical times, a musing over the world's biggest country (it's not any of the ones you might have initially thought of), and . And although he promises some special guests Roberts' plans are thwarted in similar vein to Alan Partridge's expectations of Roger Moore's imminent arrival. Still, when you have a game person in the front row to help out and take the place of the invited 'celebs', you trust that all will be well.

The History of the World in 1 Hour is a fun romp that no one should take seriously, and with his natural enthusiasm for false facts and figures, Roberts makes for a keen host.

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Daniel Nils Roberts: The History of the World in 1 Hour

  • 3 stars

Daniel Nils Roberts An absurd multimedia pelt through the history of everything. Fresh from taking London's West End by storm in smash-hit, Austentatious, Daniel attempts to cram the entirety of recorded time into just one show. Will he cover it all? Either way it's gonna be one hell of a ride. Perth Fringe World Best…