Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD

Cat Hepburn brings her sharp, candid take on poetry to the stage

Half spoken-word poetry, half storytelling confessional, Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD is a fast-paced and vibrant examination of female coming-of-age. Beginning with Hepburn's childhood – in which her older brothers dismiss her love of the Spice Girls in favour of 'real' music like Green Day – through to teenage firsts and her mid-twenties experience of a toxic relationship, this one-woman show speaks to collective womanhood, shedding a warm, funny, and savagely honest light on the difficulties of forging an identity in an insidiously hostile world.

Hepburn is a consummate performer, assertively commanding the small stage as the simple yet witty lyrics trip off her tongue; yet the occasional wry smile breaks the fourth wall, fostering a deep sense of intimacy as she confides in the audience the darker moments of her life. There is nothing that hasn't been heard dozens of times before: on the one hand, this works to emphasise the typical yet violent rites of passage that have come to define women's coming-of-age, yet on the other, it signals a certain lack of innovation that prevents #GIRLHOOD from really hitting its stride. As a piece of theatre, Hepburn is not reinventing any paradigms, yet as a deeply personal account of a girl's coming-of-age, her work is incredibly valuable.

Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, run ended.

Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD

  • 3 stars

Sonnet Youth Award-winning writer and spoken word artist Cat (BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC The Social, Radio Scotland, STV) debuts the stage adaptation of her hit poetry book. Nostalgic, hilarious and heartbreaking, her performance deconstructs and satirises the milestones, conventions and pressures that girls and young women…